In a display of sheer dominance, the Comox Valley Kickers Women’s rugby team delivered an impressive performance as they traveled to the mainland to clash against RichLions, a combined side from Richmond RFC and Delta’s Brit Lions. The opposing side had a shortage of players which means that the game format had to change from 15-a-side with two forty-minute halves to 12-a-side with three 20-minute periods.

The change to the game format did not phase the Kickers as from the opening whistle, it was abundantly clear that the women were focused and determined. Their start was nothing short of overwhelming, as they swiftly seized control of the match and left no doubt as to the outcome, securing a remarkable victory with a final score of 83-7.

The match showcased an impressive display of skill and teamwork, particularly in the art of offloading, which proved to be instrumental in creating scoring opportunities. Captain Natalie Nguyen had the game’s opening try from a beautiful series of offloads. This try served as a catalyst, igniting a spark that opened up the floodgates for a deluge of scoring opportunities. Tries were then scored by Outside Centre Jess Nikkel and Winger Sienna Stigant. The period ended with a great half-field run from 8-man, Audrey Jones. Cali McKay successfully added 3 converts. The Kickers held a commanding 26-0 lead, leaving Richmond struggling to find their footing.

Early in the second period, RichLions scored their lone try. In response to the opposing side putting points on the board, the Kickers surged forward with renewed intensity.  Their relentless attack and formidable defense propelled them even further ahead, with two back-to-back tries scored by Fullback, Cali McKay. Inside Centre Danelle Campbell and Winger Sophie Julien added one try each, with McKay converting 3 more kicks as the Kickers extended their lead to a staggering 50-7.

The momentum continued into the third period, with the Kickers showing no signs of letting up. Every aspect of the game seemed to be in the favor of the visiting team, from scrums to strategic plays and solid tackles. The players exhibited exceptional skill and cohesion, leaving the opposition grasping at straws. It was a relentless onslaught from the Kickers, Captain Nguyen added two more tries while Stigant, Julien, and Nikkel added one each. Nikkel successfully converted three out of four conversions.

The final whistle blew, signaling an emphatic victory for the visiting side with a resounding scoreline of 83-7.

Coach JB Nikkel expressed immense pride in the team’s performance, highlighting their dedication and hard work leading up to the match. “It was a complete team effort. The players all trusted the system, and all supported each other. Everyone gave their all on the field, and the result speaks volumes about their commitment.”

Captain Natalie Nguyen echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the unity and determination that propelled them to victory. “We came into this match with a clear goal, and we executed our game plan flawlessly,” said Nguyen. “There are only two more regular season games before playoffs. We need to keep this momentum rolling.”

Men’s Rugby Team Secures Redemption with Decisive Victory

In a highly anticipated rematch, the Comox Valley Kickers Men’s rugby team delivered a stellar performance as they faced off against a familiar foe, the Castaway Wanderers (CW) determined to settle the score. Having previously tied with their opponents in a closely contested battle at Cumberland Village Park, this time around at Windsor Park, the Kickers left nothing to chance, emerging victorious with an impressive scoreline of 53-38.

The game was a hard-fought battle as both sides refused to concede an inch of ground. Every try and conversion was hard-earned, with momentum swinging back and forth as neither team yielded an inch. Winger Stephen Hextall rose to the occasion by scoring a hattrick of tries. Not to be outdone, Fullback Kai Mills added two tries, and also successfully kicked 4 converts. Flanker Craig Whiley, Prop Scott Wells, Outside Centre Devon Moore, and Winger Cody Steeves added one try-a-piece.

Coach Tim Quek praised his team’s resilience and determination in the face of adversity, acknowledging the sheer intensity of the contest. “This was a battle in every sense of the word. Both teams left everything they had on the field, and it’s a nod to our players’ hard work that we came out on top.”

The victory not only provides a sense of redemption for the Comox Valley Kickers but also underscores their ability to thrive under pressure. As they continue their campaign, they carry with them the lessons learned from this hard-fought encounter, knowing that they have what it takes to overcome even the toughest challenges on their path to playoffs.

Both Comox Valley Kickers RFC teams will hit the road again for their next matchups on March 23. The women’s team will faceoff against the Nanaimo Hornets, which will be one of the biggest games of the season while the men’s team will travel to the mainland to play against Burnaby Lake RFC.

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