Hello Kickers,

Just want to take a minute to acknowledge the people that helped out at Musicfest this year. Because of their efforts, the Club will receive a $1000 honorarium from the musicfest people.

Please join us in thanking:

  • Leanne Hunt-Morrison,
  • Anita Holland,
  • Leigh “Burley” Davidson,
  • Ken MacKenzie,
  • Lindsay Mallette,
  • Paula Wachs,
  • Steve Russell,
  • Lisa Levesque,
  • Eli Cummins,
  • Roc Lafort,
  • Brad Hanna,
  • Andy Hextall,
  • Steve Hextall,
  • Aimee Burley,
  • Ona Thorington,
  • Konrad Nikkel.

Cheers, Andy