At a day-long planning session on Saturday January, 22 entitled, “Kicking the Kickers into the Future” the Comox Valley Kickers R.F.C. established some goals for future growth.

Held at the magnificent Forbidden Plateau Lodge, eighteen prominent club members discussed, debated and deliberated all day under the very capable leadership of facilitator Dr. Don Hall and arrived at some long and short-term goals the participants felt the club needs to address in order for the club to reach its full potential.

After much constructive discussion the participants at the Planning Session concluded that the club has five main Goals that need to be addressed. Working Committees are to be established from a wide cross-section of club members. Some of the goals are short-term and some long-term but it is important that the volunteer Committee Chairpersons begin selecting their committees as soon as possible so that they can discuss priorities and that these goals can be achieved. Once the Committees have met and have created plans, time-lines and budgets within their mandates, they will report to the Club Executive for approval and implementation.

If any club member feels they want to participate in this process and can make a commitment to contribution to any of the following committees, please inform President Greg Merchant (250-702-4273 or of your willingness to help the club move forward.




A.   Clubhouse:

a.     Showers

b.     Bathrooms

c.     Kitchen/Bar

d.     Change Rooms

e.     Finishing work

f.       Permanent Satellite Dish set-up

              B. Field Expansion.

                                                      a. Lighting

                                                       b.Training Field

                       c. Game Field

C.   Long-Term Agreement with Fallen Alders.



                   A. Coaching clinic

                             a. Schools — Jr/Sr.

                             b. Minis – Elementary schools

                   B. Recruitment and Development of Coaches for all levels

                   C. Future Strategy for Senior Men’s Coach

                   D. Coaching Resources

                   E. Playbook


a.     Mend Fences with disgruntled players

b.     Better Communication with members

c.     Involve former Kickers

d.     New Player Entry

1.     Welcome Strategy

2.     Up-to-date e-mail lists

3.     “Buddy System” and support for new players.


A.   Organize two fundraising BIG events one in Fall (Halloween Dance) and one in Spring (St. Patricks??)

B.   Potential Tournaments

C.   Grant and Corporate Funds

D.   Sponsorship Packages

E.   Development of Data Base.



A.   Define and Clarify Roles

B.   Refine and Amend Constitution

C.   Create strategies for volunteer member involvement

D.   Determination of Committees

E.   Status Reports by Committee Heads

F.    Bookkeeping and Auditing

G.  Accountability

It is important that the momentum and enthusiasm of Saturday’s session not be allowed to fade and that these Committees are selected to meet very soon to begin implementing the established goals.

Contact President Greg Merchant: (250-702-42-73 or and volunteer to serve or head a Committee