The local rugby community is reaping the benefits of a generous gesture from one of its own, as respected physiotherapist Shadi Fleifel MPT, FDN/IMS volunteered his time to host an athletic taping clinic for the Comox Valley Kickers RFC this past Sunday. Rugby is a physically demanding sport and injuries can be part of the game. This clinic was extremely useful as it provided players with the opportunity to acquire practical knowhow and practice various taping techniques firsthand.

Shadi graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at Western University in London Ontario, before going to Perth, Australia to complete his Master’s degree in Physiotherapy in 2008. The clinic was held at Ascent Physiotherapy, located in the downtown Comox core at 141A Nordin Street, where Shadi has been based out of since 2018.  

The clinic consisted of Shadi demonstrating a range of taping methods, emphasizing the importance in preventing common rugby injuries, such as sprains, strains, and ligament damage. Players were given hands-on training, learning the art of taping ankles, knees, shoulders, and wrists. The clinic also covered topics like taping for support, stability, and post-injury recovery.

Comox Valley Kickers President, Aaron L’Arrivee, was effusive in his praise for Shadi’s efforts. “We’re incredibly fortunate to have someone of Shadi’s caliber in our community. His expertise is invaluable, and this clinic will undoubtedly help our players perform at their best while minimizing the risks of injuries.”

Comox Valley Kickers Women’s Co-Captain, Natalie Nguyen, summarized the sentiments of many by saying, “Shadi has not only showcased his remarkable skills but has also exemplified the spirit of community and sportsmanship. His generosity will undoubtedly make a lasting impact on our club and our athletes.”

Shadi’s selfless dedication to the local rugby community serves as a shining example of how expertise, compassion, and a shared love for sports can unite a community and contribute to the success of its athletes. With the rugby season just around the corner, the Comox Valley Kickers RFC can step onto the pitch with a newfound sense of confidence, all thanks to the acquired knowledge and support gained from this initiative.

For more information about Shadi Fleifel and Ascent Physiotherapy, please visit The Comox Valley Kickers RFC are continually recruiting players. No experience is needed. Everyone welcomed. Practices are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Cumberland Village Park. For more information about rugby in the Comox Valley, please visit