Four members of the Comox Valley Kickers RFC participated in the 2022 Comox Valley Strength Festival. Coinciding with the Strongman & Strongwoman competition at Lewis Park, Natalie Nguyen, Brandon Hudson, Danelle Campbell and Ben Bekk took part in the Courtenay Crossfit Challenge which was hosted by Stronghearts Fitness: School of Movement. The event consisted of three workouts in a co-ed partner format going head-to-head with another team. The pairs were Natalie and Brandon (PYG) and Danelle and Ben (Fun times with Ben & Nelle).

Workout 1 (5 min time cap):

Wheelbarrow your partner 100m, switch positions, and wheelbarrow back.

Deadlift (225lb for men/155lb for women) for reps while partner does burpees.


Workout 2 (20 min time cap):

One partner rows for 400m; both partners have to carry the rower 400m x 4 rounds.


Workout 3 (5 min time cap):

One partner had to flip a tire, jump in and run around while the other partner had to hold a plank. Once the form went on the plank, partners had to switch positions.


PYG won all 3 of their matchups, taking home 1st place and Fun times with Ben & Nelle were on the podium in 3rd place. It was a tough but fun experience. Thanks to everyone who came and cheered. We hope that more ruggers will sign up next year!