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Now that 2011 has got under way we can look forward to a very exciting year with the IRB World Cup being held in New Zealand in October and November. What suprises and drama will this World Cup bring?

In the IRB World Rugby Yearbook, Victor Matfield has written an interesting article on what it takes to win a World Cup. He makes the very valid point that whereas in France, players during the tournament could move around Paris in relative peace and quiet, that won't be the case in New Zealand where rugby is such huge part of the country's makeup. Players popping out of their hotel for a quiet coffee will be the centre of attention and will have to handle being in the spotlight all the time! It will all add to the tremendous pressure on players during the tournament.

Spare a thought for the All Blacks. Imagine the pressure they will be under on home ground after not winning the tournament since the first World Cup in 1987! If they win in these conditions they will be worthy champions!

To read the full article please click on this link Victor Matfield or go to where you will find all the information and news about 2011 World Cup.

In a recent edition of this newsletter we talked about how essential and sometimes challenging the referees job is at all levels of the game. There was a lot of response from players and referees expressing views on how referees needed to be supported more, particularly by supporters.

I am delighted to say a very helpful online website called "The Team of 3" has just started up to help referees from all levels of the game. There is a free two week membership for interested refs so they can have a look to see if the website is something they would find useful.

The idea is to "help referees arrive at the right place, at the right time and make the right decision!" Here is an overview of what is offered:

It is an easy to use on-line programme with one goal… To help you become a better referee…

  • A season long, on-line, training & development programme of 4 modules covering – technical, tactical, physical, and mental training…
  • Easy to use log in and weekly/monthly programmes supporting IRB & RFU referee guidelines
  • Quick, easy, bite size training modules to fit in around busy lifestyles and schedules
  • Use of 'video' master classes and supporting exercises
  • Quarterly and annual testing to gauge improvement

To look at the website please click on this link:

"The Team of 3"

We are always looking at ways to imporve this website to make it more useful for you, the coaches. Recently, we added some technology to help you link with the "Answers" section. It works so that if you like an answer someone has given you can click on the "Follow" link and then whenever that person answers a question it will come up on your home page under "Whats happening."

On the right hand side of your home page the section called "My Team" allows you to add other people who you know and want to share ideas and information with. For instance, members of your coaching team may want to share coaching plans that they are planning to do for the next session. Once they allow sharing with their team then the sessions they write or download will appear in the "Whats happening" box on your home page.

Another way we want to improve the site is to add new session plans and drills over the coming months. If you would like to contribute one or more session plans we would like to hear from you. There is an opportunity for you to earn a small fee for contributing.

Interested? Email your contact details and what areas you would like to cover to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued support of IRB Coaching and thanks for the many emails and kind comments and please do keep contributing.

I wish you well in your coaching,

Simon Jones
IRB Trainer


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Thanks to Colin Chappell for sharing this information.