The Comox Valley Kickers Men’s team traveled to the mainland this weekend for a highly anticipated showdown against Richmond RFC, rekindling the rivalry from the 2023 BCRU Division 3 Final. The showdown occurred at King George Park and the atmosphere crackled with anticipation. Last year’s final saw the Kickers emerge victorious in a nail-biting finish, but fate took an unforeseen turn this time, with the Kickers falling 10-42. Tries were scored by Kai Mills and Will Perry.

From the outset, it was evident that this Richmond team was a different force altogether. They came into the match with renewed vigor and scored two quick tries back-to-back. They had a strategic game plan that kept the defending champions on the back foot.

As the game progressed, the Kickers tried to mount a comeback but ended up having to play shorthanded due to an unfortunate yellow card, forcing the team to play with only 14 players for 10 minutes. Having to focus more on defense didn’t allow for many offensive opportunities. Momentum never seemed to be on their side. In their many attempts to surge forward, an unforced error such as an errant pass or dropped ball would erase their hard-earned meters.

Captain Justin Thomson, expressed disappointment but remained optimistic, saying, “It’s a tough loss, but we’ll regroup, learn from this defeat, and come back stronger. We will work on the things we need to. This setback will only fuel our determination for the next game and for the spring season.”

The Kickers currently sit third out of eighteen teams in the BCRU Men’s Division 3 League. The Kickers are back in action on Saturday, December 2 at Cumberland Village Park to face off against Castaway Wanderers at 11:15 AM.

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