The Comox Valley Kickers Women’s Team is thrilled to usher in a new era for our rugby squad. We are excited to introduce our new Head Coach, JB Nikkel, who brings a wealth of experience, dedication, and passion to our team.

Meet JB Nikkel

JB Nikkel’s rugby journey is nothing short of inspiring. With over 20 years of experience in the sport, he has worn many hats - player, coach, and mentor. His deep-rooted love for rugby began at a young age and has evolved into a lifelong dedication to the game.

JB’s roots are firmly planted in this community. He played for the 2023 BCRU Division 3 Provincial Champions, the Comox Valley Kickers Men’s Team, as well as represented Ashburton Celtic RFC, Mid-Canterbury, South Canterbury Māori, and Westshore RFC. He was also recently chosen to join the Canadian Classics for their latest Boston tour.

Looking to take a step back as a player, JB’s excited to share his extensive knowledge and expertise with a team eager to learn. JB’s coaching career is a testament to his commitment to the sport. He has served as both a youth and high school rugby coach, helping mold aspiring athletes into skilled players. His coaching philosophy centers around the principles of teamwork, discipline, and continuous improvement, values that align perfectly with the Comox Valley Kickers Women’s Team.

The New Vision

JB Nikkel’s appointment as Head Coach marks a significant milestone for the Comox Valley Kickers Women’s Team. Under his leadership, we are eager to pursue new heights in women’s rugby, with a strong emphasis on player development and team cohesion.

One of the key pillars of JB’s vision is to foster a nurturing and inclusive environment where every player can thrive. He believes that success is built not only on individual skills but on the collective strength of the team.

“I’ve had the privilege of watching the women’s team play previously, and I see immense potential within the squad,” says Coach Nikkel. “I am looking forward to bringing positive changes to the club and am excited about what the year will bring. My goal is to create an environment where every player can grow, learn, and excel.”

Looking Ahead

The Comox Valley Kickers Women’s Team’s decision to bring JB Nikkel on board as Head Coach is a testament to our commitment to excellence and development. We believe that his leadership will guide us toward achieving our goals on and off the field.

Together, as a united team and community, we can look forward to an era of rugby excellence, personal growth, and shared triumphs. The Comox Valley Kickers Women’s Team is ready to tackle the future, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have JB Nikkel on our side.