• When: Mondays and Thursdays, 6:30pm
    • Where: Lake Trail School (Lower Fields)
    • Who: Men and Women of all experience levels welcome
    • Ages: 14+



Quick Version of the Rules:

  • 6 on 6 with at least one female player on the field for each team.

  • Play starts with a TAP at dead center field. Defense back 10M.

  • TAGS can be made with as little as one finger anywhere on the ball carrier including the ball or the carriers clothing.

  • A TAG creates a MARK on the field.

  • The ball carrier must perform a ROLL BALL on the MARK, failure to do so is a turnover.

  • The defense must retreat 5M from the MARK before attacking the ball.

  • The DUMMY HALF must play the ball from the MARK with no delay on a tag.

  • If the DUMMY HALF is tagged possession is turned over.

  • Your team turns the ball over on the 6th TAG.

  • ROUGH TAGS are a penalty.

  • Penalties are started with a TAP, defense back 10M.

  • If you are tagged and then pass the ball it is called a TOUCH PASS and your team turns over possession of the ball.

  • You cannot smack the ball out of the carrier’s hands.



    • Games will have a referee/coach to help players get a good grasp of the rules and understand the game of Touch Rugby.

    • We will run 2 games if required and skill levels can be split depending on attendance. 


See you at Lake Trail!