The video below is a key element in BC Rugby’s action plan to promote and streamline youth rugby across the province.



BC Rugby’s goal was to produce a promotional video that was tempting to young individuals across British Columbia looking to be part of a team atmosphere and engage in a dynamic sport.  Working with Brudder Productions, the concept of “it’s your turn to carry the ball” as a focus piece was developed.

The themes of tradition, camaraderie and opportunity are central. The outdoor elements were utilized to accentuate the dynamic nature of rugby and the athletes were fully committed to each shoot to ensure the video represented the level of “compete” and “commitment” as key elements of the sport.

In addition to being available for online viewing, the promotional video DVD will be affixed to the back cover of BC Rugby’s newest release of the Youth Rugby Manual.  All who receive the manual will be encouraged to show the video to young individuals who are current and potential rugby players.

With the release of the video, the youth manual will now be mailed to clubs and schools in British Columbia.  Aligned with Sport Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) plan, the manual provides a consistent youth rugby continuum for clubs and schools.  Youth rugby in British Columbia encompasses ages up to 17 and grades Kindergarten to Grade 12.  Each age / grade is provided its own section in the manual.  Each section includes a practical reference guide for club volunteers and school teachers to implement the continuum.  The laws of the game for each age / grade are also provided.

BC Rugby would like to thank Brudder, a local production company based in Vancouver for bringing this video to fruition. Special thanks must also go out to our cast and crew that slogged it out for two nights at Brockton Oval filming from 6:00pm in the evening until 5:30am! Help us share this video - post it to your wall, tweet the clip and share it with your friends… and remember to CARRY THE BALL