[notice]Please note that the BC Rugby Competitions Committee has ruled that, with immediate effect (from 17 January 2005), the wearing of a mouth guard in the approved manner is compulsory for all players participating in mini rugby and age grade Rugby in BC including:[/notice]

  • All games (including U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, U19, U20/21 leagues)
  • Jamborees
  • Practices
  • Summer Camps

Any colour EXCEPT red is acceptable. It is strongly recommended that such mouth guards should be properly fitted by a dental practitioner to ensure a correct fit. The approved manner is in the mouth covering the top teeth. A player observed by a coach or referee to be not wearing a mouth guard, shall leave the field and not be permitted to return until such time as the player is wearing a mouth guard in the approved manner. In age league play, the team of the offending player shall be permitted a replacement during the period the offending player is off the field,



Any players, (i.e. mouth breathers, braces etc.) who cannot conform to this policy must provide a letter from their dentist or doctor specifying the rational for not abiding by this policy. The player and his/her legal guardian(s) will be required to sign a release/waiver acknowledging that they understood the risk of not complying with this mouth guard policy. These 2 documents must be completed before the player engages in any rugby activities. Please note that players not wearing mouth guards are not covered by the dental insurance coverage provided in the Rugby Canada players’ insurance policy. Team officials will be required to manage this documentation and to have both available for review before age grade game by referees and officials.