Fancy coaching?

Local school rugby programs, the lifeblood of the Kickers, are looking for knowledgeable rugby coaches to assist them with their rugby programs.

“These programs are the supply line to Kickers Rugby,” says Kickers Director of Rugby Colin Chappell. “Some Kickers are already helping with a variety of programs, however more assistance would be a great benefit not just to the schools, but to the club as well, because players from these school programs supply the talent that keeps the Kickers going.”

This year the Kickers R.F.C. will begin an U-14 and an U-15 program starting March 3rd, and in the Fall the club will have a U-15 program, an U-17 and an U-19 program.

Colin Tinga at Higland High School is hoping to start a rugby program beginning with a Junior and a Senior team playing exhibition games. He would be delighted to have some help.

Highland used to have a vibrant rugby program for many  years but for the past few years there has not been one there and it would be terrific to see that program resurrected.

If you would like to help with the Highland program or indeed with any school rugby program please talk to Kickers Director of Rugby, Colin Chappell –(W) 250-334-1882 or on his cell: 250 -207-1125. or by e-mail: or at the clubhouse after training and games.